Why You Deserve Healthcare

A doctor made this comment to me regarding people needing, but not able to afford, healthcare:

...and surely don't ask every other citizen who works and earns more to have to make up the difference...

In the USA, many people seem to just accept his statement. If you haven’t earned it, you can’t have it. But you HAVE earned it. To illustrate why you have earned it, consider the Sumerians. They were the worlds first civilization. They began as hunters and gatherers but transitioned to farming and agriculture. This transition to a more efficient way to produce food was one of, if not the most, reasons the Sumerians achieved civilization status. It allowed a few people to handle the food production while freeing up others the time do other things. These people, doing other things, depended on the farmers even as some of them went on to be successful. Without the farmers, the successes would have been far fewer, and the Sumerians would not now be regarded as the worlds first civilization.

This farmer to successful connection still exists today, but you can replace the word farmer with several different professions such as janitor, security guard, trash collector, grocery store workers. All these people do the jobs that free others to take on higher level tasks and that allow others to become rich. The rich do not exist without standing on the backs of others. Their success is your success. In the USA we have forgotten this, but that does not mean it isn’t true.

If the rich deserve healthcare, you deserve healthcare, period. Don’t let them tell you different.