I've owned hypermodern.org for well over a decade, soon to be two decades. The name "hypermodern" is from one of the best chess books of all time: "My System," by Aaron Nimzowitsch. It describes a style of play called "hypermodern," that challenged the established classical chess orthodoxy of his time. For quite some time I've struggled with what I wanted hypermodern.org to be. I fantasized about it being a website devoted to chess play and then a website devoted to software development, the remnants of which can still be seen as of this writing. It has taken quite a long time to discover hypermodern.org's true purpose.

I discovered the true purpose of hypermodern.org recently while dealing with the medical system in the USA. I'm sick of it. The medicine, the hospitals, the insurance all seem to be colluding as one big scam and scourge on the population. It is so clearly defunct, broken, and harmful, while at the same time the government is too polarized and useless to fix it. The healthcare orthodoxy in the USA must be challenged. We must begin thinking outside the box to challenge it in much the same way the hypermodern school of chess challenged classical chess orthodoxy. This challenge hypermodern.org accepts today.

About the Author

I have a masters in sociology and tons of experience in dead end jobs. Sociology majors aren't exactly wanted in the USA. I am not a great writer. I wish I were a great writer but I am not. Sorry for that in advance.